MOOC Learning Analytics Unraveled - Maastricht

21 oktober 2019

Thema's: Evaluating Learning Impact
MOOC Learning Analytics Unraveled - Maastricht

This MOOC (offered by Maastricht University, starts October 21 and ends November 18) will dive into the what, why and how of Learning Analytics, including its potential pitfalls. This innovative learning experience is based on didactic materials and questions in order to nourish social learning. Knowledge is mostly shared through discussions with each other, meaning that you are of paramount importance to shape the learning experience of both yourself and others. During this MOOC of four weeks, each week will focus on a specific topic.


After following this MOOC

You will have acquired insight in:

  • What Learning Analytics entails
  • Why it is of importance to get started with Learning Analytics
  • How you can take the first steps in applying Learning Analytics
  • Which pitfalls can occur when applying Learning Analytics
  • How different organisations apply Learning Analytics
  • What Learning Analytics can bring us in the near future

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